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Client Testimonials

Explore some of the ways clients have implemented SPAcademy's training solutions in their organizations. Reach out to us if you would like to get in touch with additional satisfied customers to understand how we lead the way in effective commercial HVAC training.

Some more things our users are saying....

Kimberly Witt

Perfection Group

We saw SPAcademy as an opportunity to have a program that's very structured and not overbearing for us to manage. The program is providing the same level of education as our Ohio State apprenticeship but it takes a lot of the effort off of us. 

Service Logic

Grey Crumpton

Service Logic

What SPAcademy’s content does and enables contractors to do is to focus on your core vertical. Maybe you are heavier on the air side, waterside, or refrigerant side, but you’re able to really customize your learning for your needs and for your technician's needs.

Marissa Avalos

4th Year SPAcademy Apprentice

The Apprenticeship Program every year teaches you something different when it comes to soft skills. You're not just walking up to a piece of equipment. You are also meeting so many new people and going to so many new places. 

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