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In-House HVAC Training

Skills Assessments

Effortlessly assess your technicians' skills, identify growth areas, and receive comprehensive reports with tailored recommendations, through our robust assessments.

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What is SPAcademy Skills Assessments?

Our Skills Assessment tests are created to help employers make informed decisions while ensuring appropriate skill enhancement for their technicians. 

Every Course Starts with a Skills Assessment

Our apprenticeship and continuing education programs start with a comprehensive Skills Assessment, guiding employers to determine entry levels or tailored courses.

Standalone Assessment Option

If assessing your techs' skills is your current focus, opt for our standalone Skills Assessment. Receive a detailed report without committing to the full program.

Assess and Enhance Present Talent

Utilize the assessment to gauge your techs' strengths and identify areas for improvement. We provide tailored course recommendations based on individual performance, empowering informed decision-making.

Detailed Digital Reporting

.Access comprehensive digital reports for each test taker, enabling easy monitoring and convenient accessibility to track progress effortlessly.


How Does It Work? 

Robust Assessment

A total of 150 questions are posed, divided into 2 segments of 75 questions each, covering both multiple-choice and short-answer formats.

Test Duration

Technicians typically spend an average of 90-120 minutes to complete the assessment.

Question Bank

Drawing from a repository of 2000 questions sourced from up-to-date, industry-leading textbooks.

Tailored Reporting

2 distinct report formats cater to both apprentices and senior technicians, ensuring relevant insights for each level of expertise.

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Industry Recognitions & Affiliations

Easy To Read Reports

Apprenticeship Placement Report

This report evaluates a tech's performance accross 13 key competencies vital for career success, determining the suitable entry year based on performance. Typically, an overall score of 85+ is considered a passing grade. 

Continuing Education Proficiency Report

Tailored for the continuing education program, this report assesses a tech's performance across 13 competencies from a 2000-question bank. The report pinpoints growth areas and suggests courses for improvement.

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Our current client retention rate stands at 100%, indicating that no company has ever left our platform after choosing our services. While we're confident our services will exceed your expectations, we invite you to experience them firsthand and make that judgment for yourself.

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Our Users Love Us

Kimberly Witt

Perfection Group

For people in a light-duty situation, we are able to provide them with a light-duty position. Which is also a great way for them to update their talent and at the same time it can really make an impact on people's lives. It's win-win.

Greg Crumpton

Service Logic

What SPAcademy’s content does and enables contractors to do is to focus on your core vertical. Maybe you are heavier on the air side, waterside, or refrigerant side, but you’re able to really customize your learning for your needs and for your technician's needs

Mike Douville

Tradesmen of New England

High schools push for Juniors and Seniors to go to college and go into massive debt. There are a lot of great individuals that don't have the capital to get a higher education, so it is a really good feeling to be able to help these people and offer them an education with SPAcademy.

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