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In-House HVAC Training

Apprenticeship Program

Create an in-house Apprenticeship Program to empower your team with the confidence and skills necessary to adeptly tackle work challenges.

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Cost Effective

Take charge of what your techs learn while saving significantly compared to other training options in the market.

Flexible Training

Empower your techs to learn on their schedule or assign courses during the off-season—it's entirely up to you.

Easy Entry

Our program is designed to adapt to your existing workforce with entry options in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years.

We Take Pride in Our 100% Retention Rate

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Building Loyalty Through Education

Demonstrate your commitment to your technicians' success by investing in their education. When you prioritize their growth and development, you create a culture of support and appreciation, fostering long-term dedication and loyalty within your team.


Why Choose SPAcademy?

Department of Labor Approved

Our program has earned the esteemed approval of the Department of Labor, ensuring its implementation and recognition across the country.

"High Quality" Designation

Meeting all ten criteria necessary to be recognized as a "High Quality Apprenticeship Program," our curriculum guarantees excellence in training.

4-Year Comprehensive Curriculum

With a comprehensive 4-year curriculum, our program offers entry options at various levels—2nd, 3rd, or 4th year—to suit individual career paths.

Online Classroom Learning

Students engage in 144 online classroom hours per year, totaling 576 classes, providing access to over 1,500 hours of comprehensive learning resources.

On-The-Job Training Integration

Supplementing classroom learning, participants undergo 2,000 hours of on-the-job training annually, meticulously logged through our user-friendly online portal.

Download the curriculum

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Industry Recognitions & Affiliations

Learn From Trusted Sources

Our program exclusively relies on industry-approved textbooks and study materials to train technicians. The vast majority of our video lectures are conducted by the very authors responsible for these textbooks!

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Breaking Classroom Boundaries

Our apprenticeship program offers a modern, flexible online platform that's tailored to fit a technician's lifestyle. Here's what sets us apart:

Easy Navigation

We assure an intuitive interface, making navigation seamless and hassle-free so your techs can have an unrestricted Learning Experience

Learn on the Go

With 90% of our courses and content accessible via mobile phones and tablets, our program adapts to your tech's schedule, empowering them to learn anywhere, anytime.

Diverse Content Mediums

Our program offers diverse content formats, from comprehensive readings to interactive presentations, flashcards, and immersive simulations, keeping participants engaged and motivated.

Start Your 30 Day Free Trial

Our current client retention rate stands at 100%, indicating that no company has ever left our platform after choosing our services. While we're confident our services will exceed your expectations, we invite you to experience them firsthand and make that judgment for yourself.

Setting SPAcademy Apart

At SPAcademy, we aim to redefine Apprenticeship training with a distinctive approach that sets us apart. Here's why we stand out:

Customized Branding featuring your logo and colors for a personalized touch.

Collaborations with industry leaders to ensure up-to-date and relevant content.

Continuous assistance from setup to execution, ensuring a seamless experience throughout.

Exceptional training at an affordable price compared to other training solutions in the market.

Gain exposure to thousands of career seekers through our daughter company,

100% of first time users have opted to train their techs with SPAcademy. 

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Our Users Love Us

Kimberly Witt

Perfection Group

For people in a light-duty situation, we are able to provide them with a light-duty position. Which is also a great way for them to update their talent and at the same time it can really make an impact on people's lives. It's win-win.

Greg Crumpton

Service Logic

What SPAcademy’s content does and enables contractors to do is to focus on your core vertical. Maybe you are heavier on the air side, waterside, or refrigerant side, but you’re able to really customize your learning for your needs and for your technician's needs

Mike Douville

Tradesmen of New England

High schools push for Juniors and Seniors to go to college and go into massive debt. There are a lot of great individuals that don't have the capital to get a higher education, so it is a really good feeling to be able to help these people and offer them an education with SPAcademy.

Set Up Your Training Platform

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