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Train to Retain

Empower your workforce with a tailored in-house training program designed to address their specific needs and set your business up for success.

DOL Approved

Our program is approved by the Department of Labor to be implemented nationwide.

100% Online

Our online courses are easy to understand, mobile adaptive and available in diverse mediums

Train In-House

Train your workforce in-house with industry-approved curriculum designed for both union and non-union contractors.

We Take Pride in Our 100% Retention Rate

Perfection Group
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Who are we?

In-House Technician Training Solutions

We understand the unique challenges faced by HVAC contractors today - scarce skilled techs, high turnover, and the demand for top-tier service. The need for building a confident job-ready workforce is essential now more than ever.

Build customized training plans for your apprentices and senior techs tailored to your brand and business needs.

Ensure a structured learning journey that helps your techs gain the skills required to thrive in their roles.

Effortlessly monitor your techs progress through our progress reports that provide in-depth insights into their skills and overall growth.

Use only industry-approved textbooks and study materials for techs to maintain quality and reduce callbacks.


Customize the training portal to look like your brand with your logo, company colors, and training plans.  

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Industry Recognitions & Affiliations

Training Programs for Everyone

Empower your techs to tackle any job with excellence. Whether they're green or seasoned professionals, our programs can help them enhance their skills, and elevate your status as industry leaders

Apprenticeship Program

Our program is 100% online and approved by the Department of Labor to be implemented nationwide.

The program consists of 4 years of learning and training, with options to enter in 2nd, 3rd or 4th year as well.

Complete 576 online hours to get certified, which is 144 online classroom hours per year. The total available hours are 1,500.

Classroom training is supplemented by 2000 hours of on-the-job training.

Continuing Education Program

Upskill your senior techs with over 1000 hours of online training and more than 100 courses to choose from.

Identify your tech’s strengths and weaknesses through our skills assessment and develop a custom curriculum for them.

Learn on the go using our easy-to-understand learning materials provided in a variety of formats to add diversity to the learning experience

Boost your techs confidence by providing resources and tools that they can use to up skill themselves continuously.

Skills Assessment

Assess the skill level and identify areas of improvement to place your techs into the learning plans that will be most beneficial to them.

Assign the right training to your technicians based on their performance on 150 questions in 2 segments.

Get details reports in two formats: the Apprenticeship Placement Exam and the Senior Technician Competency Assessment.

Hire better using the SPAcademy’s Skills Assessment.

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Bringing the best content to you - All in one place

One log in to access content from industry leading content providers.

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Start Your 30 Day Free Trial

Our current client retention rate stands at 100%, indicating that no company has ever left our platform after choosing our services. While we're confident our services will exceed your expectations, we invite you to experience them firsthand and make that judgment for yourself.

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Our Users See Results

We aim to empower contractors to strengthen their workforce, increase recruitment, and boost retention rates in times of record-high labor demand.

Higher Retention Rates

Less Difficulty Attracting Top Talent

Fewer callbacks and happier customers.

Steady flow of job-ready technicians

Confident and relevant workforce

What took us years to build, you can implement in just 2 weeks.

Drop in your email and we'll get in touch to answer any questions you have! Or book a product demo to learn more about how we can help you.

Thanks for submitting your email! Our team will reach out to you soon.

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Our Users Love Us

Kimberly Witt

Perfection Group

For people in a light-duty situation, we are able to provide them with a light-duty position. Which is also a great way for them to update their talent and at the same time it can really make an impact on people's lives. It's win-win.

Greg Crumpton

Service Logic

What SPAcademy’s content does and enables contractors to do is to focus on your core vertical. Maybe you are heavier on the air side, waterside, or refrigerant side, but you’re able to really customize your learning for your needs and for your technician's needs

Mike Douville

Tradesmen of New England

High schools push for Juniors and Seniors to go to college and go into massive debt. There are a lot of great individuals that don't have the capital to get a higher education, so it is a really good feeling to be able to help these people and offer them an education with SPAcademy.

Set Up Your Training Platform

Book a demo with us and discover how we can revolutionize your team's capabilities. 

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